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3D printing
International Competition
Competition among construction companies by AMT
About the competition
3D printing is such a common trend in the modern world, which is gaining momentum and is used in many areas of life. In this regard, an international competition is being held to identify the best companies that have contributed to the development of additive technologies. The competition is presented in six categories: mass printing, small architectural forms, technology promotion, the best media material about construction 3D printing, the best author's article about construction 3D printing and the best architectural project. The work is evaluated by experts in the field of 3D printing, namely leading engineers and technology users. The winners will be awarded with valuable prizes and the status of the best builder in their category. Looking forward to your work, good luck!
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Winners will be selected from four main categories that affect completely different areas of construction printing.

The best architectural project

This nomination is responsible for identifying the most interesting and unusual buildings from an architectural point of view or structures that are not small architectural forms.

The most massive construction

Determined by the number of buildings and structures erected using additive technologies.

Small architectural forms

The most elegant and complex architectural forms are evaluated. Sculptures, as well as objects of industrial design, can take part in the nomination.

Technology promotion

Construction companies and influencers in the field of additive technologies that distribute and popularize the use of construction 3D printers can become participants in the nomination.

The best author's article about construction 3D printing

If you have been studying the field of construction 3D printing for a long time, writing scientific and scientific-journalistic, review, analytical and other articles in this field, then this nomination is for you

The best media material about construction 3D printing

If you are engaged in video editing, web design, etc. and you have work in the field of construction 3D printing - we are waiting for your publications

Stages of the competition

Preparatory stage
Call for Applications (July, 2023 - December, 2023)
Selection stage
Selection and evaluation of works
Final stage
Identification of winners, awarding

The essence of additive printing

Application for participation in the competition

Materials are accepted until December 20, 2023
Submitting the form, you agree to the processing of personal data and the use of submitted materials.
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