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3D printing
International Competition
Winners of the international construction printing competition
The best media material about construction 3D printing
Winner of the category - Company "Osnovanie"
The company "Osnovanie" integrates additive technologies and construction. For a considerable period, "Foundation" has been engaged in 3D modeling and design for concrete 3D printing. For the competition, material on unique glowing concrete printing was provided: presentation materials demonstrate how rich the industry is in unconventional and bold solutions in the field of construction. New possibilities for the application of familiar materials are already being created today. You can familiarize yourself with the presented materials through the link below.
At the joint conference of OneSW and the Union of Free Entrepreneurs in Elista, three partners of the Company received keys to their homes built under the Real Estate Program. All three houses were constructed using 3D technology. The winner presented their materials in the form of a video clip on the right, showcasing the printed building.
Winner of the category - Company "OneSW"
The best author's article about construction 3D printing
The educational institution NRU MGSU has prepared two scientific articles that delve into the specifics of working with concrete mixtures for printing on 3D printers. An overview article was prepared for the December issue of the journal "Industrial and Civil Engineering," and an article based on the results of experimental research was prepared for the December issue of the journal "Construction Materials." You can familiarize yourself with them through the links below.
Winner of the category - NRU MGSU
Tatiana Karpova, the managing editor of the journals "Rhythm of Engineering" and "Additive Technologies," presented an article summarizing the recent specialized forum on additive technologies. The material provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of additive construction while reading.
Laureate of the category - Tatiana Karpova, Journals "Rhythm of Engineering" / "Additive Technologies"
The company was involved in construction consulting for the company Printstone 3D. During the collaboration, a series of constructions were printed in the UAE. However, the employees at the construction site did not speak Russian, which posed a certain barrier to work. Additionally, due to extreme heat, construction was carried out during times when workers and equipment were not subjected to intense heat exposure, typically during nighttime. The printing was done strictly in accordance with UAE standards.
Winner of the category - Company "3D CDC"
The printing of the object was handled by the company Printstone 3D. They were among the first to pioneer advanced construction in the UAE. Furthermore, the company has advanced the technology of construction printing to a new level: mass printing in the Middle East region has become more accessible and easier thanks to the efforts of Printstone 3D.

Winner of the category - Printstone 3D
DOM-IZ-PRINTERA.RF is a young company that is just beginning its journey in the world of construction using 3D technologies. Their first project has already passed inspection and was warmly received by the first residents of the Moscow region. The company is opening new perspectives in the field of printing individual buildings, tailoring to the needs of each client. The possibilities they offer extend far beyond just creating structures.
Laureate of the category - Company "DOM-IZ-PRINTERA.RF"
The company specializes in the construction of cottages using additive technologies in the Republic of Tatarstan. KVAДРУМ is the first cottage settlement in Russia built using 3D printing technology. KVAДРУМ is a park of houses in a unified concept, inspired by a lifestyle with three unique and diverse directions: home, leisure, and entertainment! The houses are already being inhabited by residents!
Winner of the category - LLC "SPECIALIZED BUILDER 3DLAND"
The company from Yeysk continues to amaze with the density and multiplicity of constructions. A hotel by the sea, constructed using additive technologies, will soon open its doors to guests. The complex was built in record time: in less than 2 years, completely new residential buildings will be available to visitors.
Winner of the category - LLC "Yaseni"
As the laureate in the construction printing competition, 3D Stroy has created a building that impresses not only with its height but also with its technical perfection. The constructed building has a record height of 7 meters, making it one of the tallest structures created using 3D printing in 2023. And this remarkable architectural masterpiece is located right in the Moscow region, where 3D Stroy has demonstrated its ability to create amazing objects in the most diverse locations.
Laureate of the category - LLC "3D Stroy"
Winner of the category - LLC "3D4Art"
Technology promotion
This agreement is based on common goals and objectives aimed at the development and acceleration of the use of 3D printing in construction. Company 3D4Art participated in the International Forum-Exhibition "Russian Industrialist - 2023," which took place from November 28 to 30, 2023, at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg. The co-organizers of the Forum are the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the Government of St. Petersburg.
In November 2023, the company 3D4Art was included in the technical committee for standardization "Construction Works. Typical Technological and Organizational Processes" (TC400). The participation of 3D4Art in the work of TC400 allows actively contributing to the development of standards and the efficient development of the construction industry. The company is ready to collaborate with NOSTROY and other committee members to create modern and high-quality standards for construction work production. 3D4Art has signed a cooperation agreement with NRU MGSU. According to this agreement, new perspectives and opportunities for long-term cooperation in the field of additive technologies in the construction sector have opened up for both parties.
The most massive construction
Small architectural forms
The company specializes in printing unique and original architectural elements for dachas and suburban areas from concrete. They offer a wide range of high-quality products, including custom orders, as well as other items known for their high quality and durability.
Winner of the category - Company "RVS 3D"
Laureate of the category - LLC "MVI L"
Company "MVI L" is a unique participant. Unlike previous nominees, the specialists of this company have created not just an architectural form, but a practical element of functional design. This precisely demonstrates the diversity of construction printing.
The company "Foundation" has achieved victory in two nominations at once! Unique printed products, executed in various color schemes, unique glowing shapes for printing in the dark, as well as bold architectural solutions, make "Foundation" the winner in the category "Small architectural forms".
Winner of the category - Company "Foundation"
Winner of the category - Children's Technopark "Quantorium"
The Children's Technopark "Quantorium" is a structural unit of the Yaroslavl College of Urban Development Vocational Education Institution. It is a federal network of children's technoparks created in Russia as part of a new model of extracurricular education for children. The main objectives of the "Quantorium" children's technoparks are the development of children's creative potential, the education of future high-class specialists in strategically important areas of Russian science and technology, and the revival of interest in technical professions. We have long been partners, and therefore, we invited talented children to participate in the competition. You can find more information about the winner here.
Winner of the category - "MSBOCS"
As the winner in the construction printing competition, MSBOCS has demonstrated its uniqueness and mastery in creating structures that redefine the possibilities of modern construction. But what truly amazes is the cleanliness of the printing. MSBOCS achieves incredible precision and detail in every element of their constructions. These are not just buildings; they are works of art, sculpted from concrete. MSBOCS's victory in the construction printing competition is just the beginning of their journey to reshape the landscape of modern construction. Keep an eye on this company, and you will see how the future is being built right before your eyes.
Extreme Printing Conditions
The building, covering an area of 80 square meters, with one floor, a large hall, and a counter, was printed during winter, in a heated tent ("teplyak"). The surrounding air temperature reached as low as -40 degrees Celsius, while inside the "teplyak," the temperature was maintained at no less than 10 degrees Celsius. The object serves as an industrial facility rather than a residential building.
Winner of the category - Company "3D4ART"
Winner of the category - Company "Private Territory"
In the category for the best architectural project, the studio "Private Territory" presented its own vision of construction printing and its capabilities. The projects they have produced demonstrate how diverse printed buildings and structures can be.
The best architectural project
Winner of the category - Company "Architectural Studio M-A Space"
The M-A Space project in the UAE is of particular interest in the construction industry not only due to its innovativeness but also thanks to meticulously thought-out details provided by Maxim Semenov and Anna Budnikova.

Beyond merely creating a model in layers for printing, they also developed a model of all printing layers, allowing developers to have a complete understanding of how the future house will look at each stage of construction.
One of the key elements of their prepared materials was the model of the load-bearing frame. This aspect plays a crucial role in the strength and stability of the structure.
However, their work was not limited to technical aspects alone.

They also created impressive visualizations of the finished project, which not only showcased the building's appearance but also allowed for an evaluation of its context within the surrounding environment and landscape.

Best Works of 2022

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